Mortgage Minute: Buying an investment property with 20%

In this Mortgage Minute we look at how you can buy an existing investment property with as little as 20% deposit

At Loan Market we work with a whole range of lenders from main street banks to specialist lenders.  These specialist lenders choose not to be a bank, so their products can be more tailored and flexible, because they are not restricted by the Reserve Bank. 

If you have an owner occupied property we can combine this with your prospective investment property at an overall loan to value ratio of 80%.  The interest rates have been very competitive for Loan Market customers. 

There are a variety of other scenarios and situations that can also be supported.
As a Loan Market customer we can help you purchase an investment property that is a new build over 80% LVR. 

We understand every deal is not black or white and that’s why we can offer solutions for the grey area. So give Loan Market a call today on 03 441 1307 and we can work with you on purchasing that next investment property with a lower deposit.