Mortgage Minute: Getting ready to buy

In this mortgage minute we talk about getting ready to buy and how a mortgage adviser can help.

Like anything, it helps to have a plan. When purchasing a property and that is where a mortgage adviser can be your best friend.  A mortgage adviser will carry out a loan profiler to clearly understand your goals, deposit position, income, assets and liabilities.

Every banks policies and servicing criteria are different so based upon what you tell us we work through an extensive panel of banks and lenders to connect you with the best lender for your specific needs.You get tailored advice and it saves a lot of legwork.

Sometimes you might not be ready to buy.. but we provide advice to help enhance your position and ensure you look more favourable to the banks in the future.

At Loan Market we help thousands of kiwis find the best home loan for them every year, so get in touch on 441 1307 and book your free appointment and we can get you mortgage ready.