Net Promoters Score

Why we use NPS (Net Promoters Score) as our client’s satisfaction survey?

1) It’s independently reviewed

In this day and age of social media it’s very easy for your business to receive a glowing review (potentially typed out by you and posted by a client….yes we all know it happens) or the opposite a very damaging review possibly written by a disgruntled ex employee or even a competitor. These reviews are not independently reviewed and often provide a lopsided view of your business, unfair or even inflated reflection of your service.

2) Implemented throughout Australasia

NPS provides a consistent measure across NZ and Australia. This is why Loan Market in both countries over the last 6 months have employed an independent company to send 5 very quick simple questions to all of our clients and will continue to do so every month. We can then benchmark our service against our peers and continually improve our customer experience.

How our use of NPS can make a difference in our community?

1) We appreciate our client’s feedback and so will Ronald McDonald House

As well as aiming to ensure our clients are matched with the right finance for their needs we are also driven by being a positive member of our community. For every client that takes 60 seconds to provide us with a completed NPS review Loan Market New Zealand will donate $1.00 to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation.

How are our NPS results tracking?

We are very proud to announce that with a score of +100 we are first equal ranked No.1 Loan Market business for customer service throughout New Zealand.

The score ranges from -100 to +100 with the finance industry average around +15. For a client to rate our service as promotable requires a score of 9 or 10 out of 10.