Personal and Private Health Insurance

In line with our branch relocation we have decided it would be great timing to highlight the other important part of our business that we specialise in, which is the Personal and Private Health Insurance Market

To celebrate our new branch, we are able to offer our clients a 20% discount for all qualifying Easy Health Cover applications applied for by 31st July 2016, as well as a 10% discount on all Life and
Mortgage Protection Insurance applications up to 30th September 2016. These discounts are for life of policy!

Insurance Market

We have always offered our clients Personal and Private Health Insurance but feel now is a great opportunity to offer our valued clients significant discounts on our insurance products to celebrate our branch relocation.

Medical Cover

We are working with our preferred medical cover experts at NIB to offer all qualifying applications up to 31st July a 20% discount for life on their Easy Health product.

Why Easy Health?

Simple yet comprehensive policy that provides you with high levels of cover for many of the big expenses such as surgical, medical and cancer treatment in a private hospital.

This is a fantastic offer because:

Medical history not required at sign-up.

Quick and easy sign-up process.

Many pre-existing conditions covered after twoyears, instead of the normal three years.

The 20% discount is for the life of the policy.

Personal Insurance:

We are working with our preferred personal insurance provider, Fidelity Life, to offer a 10% discount for all Life, Trauma, Income Protection and Mortgage Repayment Insurance applications up to 30th
September 2016. The discount is also for the life of the policy.

Why Personal Insurance

Our clients are taking on significant debts when working with us toward their goal of home ownership, so protecting their family and mortgage is crucial. ACC covers you for injuries only, but personal insurance covers you for illnesses and injuries.

Things to consider:

Life insurance only pays if you die

A financial shortfall can occur if you suffer a trauma or illness and are unable to work for a period of time – How would you and your family met your financial obligations if this was the case?

ACC does not cover you for illness.

For 1- 2% of household income per year you can comprehensively protect your family from these unimaginable and potentially tragic events.

Contact us now to see how a personalised insurance policy would look to protect your family.