Renovation Project Bobs Cove Post #4

Resource Consent Application

The wheels are now turning! We are now preparing our Resource Consent application which is going to take around 2 weeks for my planner to prepare an Assessment of Effects on the Environment (AEE) and for my draftsman to complete the concept plans for the proposed changes to the external appearance and internal configuration of the building.

The resource consent application will require the following information:

• Any relevant planning history for the site - relying on the existing lawfully established use of the building;

• Description of the proposal - detailing all changes to the external appearance of the building - location of new doors, windows etc, colours and materials, and internal configuration to show the location of kitchen, and number of bedrooms;

• Identification of all the relevant Rules within the Operative District Plan;

• Assessment of proposal against all the relevant assessment matters in the Operative District Plan;

• Assessment against the Objectives and Policies of the Operative District Plan and Proposed District Plan;

• Assessment against Part 2 matters of the RMA. –Part 2 of the RMA requires an application to be considered against the purpose which is to promote sustainable management of natural and physical resources while enables people and communities to provide for their social, economic, and cultural well-being and for their health and safety

• Copy of current Certificate of Title and copies of any relevant Consent Notice/Land Covenant on the title;

• Elevation plans showing existing (will use plans approved for the commercial building) and plans showing the proposed changes.

Proposed Costings

It is expected that the overall cost to get consent will be up to $5,000 which includes the fees associated with preparing the resource consent application by my planning consultant, and the total processing costs from the Council (on a non-notified basis). By having a comprehensive resource consent application the Council planner can adopt the assessment provided within the application.

This saves on extra time spend reassessing the proposal against the relevant parts of the Operative and Proposed District Plan. Although there is an extra cost at the outset by using a planning consultant, it will in the end save time, money and any unnecessary stress associated with trying to understand the District Plan!

Design Costs

We are employing Koncept for our design plans. The initial plans will include the following:

· Site plan

· Floor Plans (Existing & Proposed)

· Elevations.

The estimated costs to design and document to the resource consent stage is around $3,500


It is important to me that we only spend the minimum required at this stage to be approved for resource consent (concept drawings) and then can get into the finer details (working drawings) for building consent once resource consent is approved. I don’t want to make the mistake of not presenting properly by underfunding this stage and not working with the right professionals to support the quality of the application.

To summarise my costs including GTODD Law advice are looking at around $9,100 to apply to RC stage.

Next Week

We will be looking at the types of changes required to convert a gym into an habitable property along with the proposed estimated costings at this stage.