Small Business Lending

New Zealander's love their independence and along with owning their own home on a 1/4 acre section being self-employed is the Kiwi dream.

Small and medium sized business's (SME's) are vital to the NZ economy making up 97% of all enterprises and accounting for 29% of all employment and 26% of GDP. They are the driving force in many communities around the country including the Wakatipu and Central Otago.

However lending criteria have always made it a little harder to pursue the dream of business ownership compared to that of home ownership. Banks have tended to make budding small business owners jump through some pretty big hoops to get finance and usually the rate reflects the higher risk profile banks place on a business loan verses something tangible like a house or section they can on sell if times get tough for the owner.

At Loan Market we have always tried to find creative and cost effective ways to provide business financing options to our clients including those wanting to get into a new business, take on existing finance for an existing business or refinance. However in recent times banks have come under huge pressure due to high levels of agricultural and housing debt which has subsequently placed even more pressure on business lending options especially in the SME space for new or perspective owners.

More difficult to use a house as security for business lending

Traditionally banks would promote your investment property or home to be used as a security for business lending. However, due to all of the recent changes by RBNZ around equity requirement levels, quite often this can no longer be the case.

Business Lending Solution

We have partnered up with a major lender in the business finance sector that are focused on making business lending quicker and simpler.

Whether it is for cash flow, purchasing assets for an existing business, buying an existing business or setting up a new business we can look to provide options.

There will be 5 simple questions followed by some due diligence where required.


Contact myself, Stewart Mitchell for a quick chat about your requirements and we will work with you in achieving your goal.