Making the most of owning a home in Queenstown - Post number 2

Welcome to our second post as we work toward renovating our commercial gym into a 1 bedroom apartment.

The Joys of Consent

A bit of reality has kicked in and we are beginning to understand why many choose to skip the resource consent process!

We are classified rural residential in Bobs Cove which means you are allowed only 1 residential dwelling per 4,000m2. Our section is 4,200m2 so in my eyes two is fine..?

The way around this is to have the apartment attached to the main house which then means it is classified as a ‘residential flat’ rather than another ‘residential dwelling.’

If connected another way to the main house it can be considered. However, with our gym being 10 metres away from the house a joined roofed walkway is probably stretching it.

We can’t even build a garage onto our gym as it’s impossible to drive a car round the back of the house.

How do we move forward?

So it’s now a case of understanding whether our application is going to be a notifiable or a
non notifiable.


Means we must publicly notify our intentions including signage so anyone can contest that drives past our property. The council will then consider their submission for or against the consent and if we are declined then our next option would be Environment Court to contest, which at that point is probably where this project would die.

Non notifiable

Is obviously preferable but we realistically would still need to present our designs to neighbours and seek their support, which would benefit the application and I’m fine with that. They would need to sign the actual drawings and complete a form provided on line by QLDC.

Another point from my perspective that I believe should have a positive impact is that changing use from a commercial gym of up to 8 car per day (consented) and changing to a residential dwelling with 1 car per day and less noise pollution for the neighbourhood is a positive?

Council Concerns

QLDC concerns will be that once this is consented we could potentially apply to subdivide and
split title at a later date. This is not my intention and would propose a covenant on the title that this cannot be done.

Costings and Next Steps

The painful part the costs that are going to be incurred to find out whether notifiable or none notifiable consent is required.

To have initial plans drawn up and then work with a planner to liaise with council to present is going to cost around $4,000 plus council costs for them to review our application.

Moving Forward

We are determined to proceed with our project and think it impacts our neighbourhood far less than a consented commercial gym.

We will take the punt with the initial investment and see how we go.


Share your experiences and thoughts as they sure will help us navigate through this process.

Next Week

There may be further information relating to this post but anticipate a few weeks to present drawings and proposal to council for initial feed back.