We can now lend to self employed Australians.

In the ever changing world that is banks overseas lending policy we have positive news which rightly so ensures Australians are treated more like New Zealanders.

Self Employed Australians

We can now consider self-employed Australians up to 80% LVR with their income scaled back by 10%

Australian Employees

Australian salary earners can be considered up to 80% LVR

Other Overseas Income

This will be considered on a case by case basis including self-employed up to 70% LVR and income scaled back by 10%

Things to consider here:

· Bank statements and all documentation must be in English
· Earnings at least $200,000 per year
· Clients must have an overall very strong position
· Cannot consider Chinese Yuan


As stated previously, this is a moving target but this is more like it and heading the direction it should. Please consider all banks policies are different so you must come directly to us as many of the banks will still not lend to any overseas income.