Why use a mortgage adviser - Refinancing

As clients and friends of Loan Market we know you will have an appreciation of our role in the industry and how we can help people navigate the complexities of the lending market. However with rules, rates and the market constantly changing getting sound advice on your home and personal lending needs has never been more important.

Over the next couple of months we are going to be running a small series of short blogs on the various ways we can help our clients kicking off in this issue of the Insider with refinancing.

Clients often engage us to look at refinancing their mortgage when they are no longer happy with the terms and conditions or when times have got difficult, often its after the horse has bolted. With rates and peoples personal and financial situations constantly changing we are happy to proactively discuss refinancing options and conduct a mortgage review. Just because your mortgage was right for you when we first arranged your finance doesn't mean there are not better options available now.

Reasons that should trigger thoughts of refinancing are:-

- Looking at another project and another banks policy maybe better suited

- You may have become self-employed or other circumstances that now mean there are now alternative better options

- You no longer want all properties cross securitized with the same bank

- You are now renting a property Air B&B and your existing bank will not consider the income

- Current bank is no longer the most competitive

The Loan Market Queenstown team can investigate what options are available based on your unique personal circumstances, negotiate with the lenders for the best deal and then work with you to weigh up and benefits of the potential new arrangements verses the costs of refinancing your current agreement.

It never hurts to reassess your situation and its just one of the many reasons to use a mortgage adviser for your lending needs.