About Stewart Mitchell

My role, first and foremost, is to represent you, not the lender and be up to speed with Reserve Bank legislation changes as they happen whilst understanding the impact to our large panel of lenders and their policies.

Bank policies have never been so different with so many major and minor differences that, depending upon your position and intention, our advice and recommendations vary significantly.

I am always asked ‘which is the best lender.’ Well the truth is, tell me your story and then I can assess quickly the various differences between the lenders to propose the best solution for you, not the lender.

Whether you are purchasing an investment, commercial or residential property we have all of the experience and solutions to ensure you walk away with the right deal and peace of mind you deserve.

Also, never forget settlement is the start of our relationship not the end. So for renovations, top-ups, or refixing your mortgage, always approach us for the same reasons you first decided to work with us. We will keep the lenders sharp and always ensure that you are still placed with the right lender for your intentions as remember the finance landscape is constantly changing.

Email: stewart.mitchell@loanmarket.co.nz 


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Mortgage Minute: Refinancing
Mortgage Minute: Buying your first home with less than 20% deposit
Mortgage Minute: Topping up your home loan
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Mortgage Minute: How big of a deposit do I need?

Publicly Available Disclosure


I cover many suburbs including Queenstown, Wanaka, Cromwell, Alexandra and Arrowtown.

I’m passionate about amateur boxing and was a coach at Fight Science Boxing Club. I retired from coaching after taking one of my boxers to the Commonwealth Games in 2018. I am now learning how to DJ, which is really fun to learn alongside my two young daughters. 

My other passion is investing in businesses; namely Arria NLG, Swiftpoint and BE Intent. I find it so interesting, challenging and exciting.