Anyone can buy a home, put your mind and money into it!

I’m about to show you that every person in New Zealand has the potential to buy a home. The 2015 census tells us that the average income in New Zealand was $49,000. Based on this income, and assuming you are contributing the maximum amount to KiwiSaver, every year your input will be $3,920 at 8% of your annual income.

But that’s not all. Your employer is also committed to putting in 3% of your annual income which works out to be $1,470 per year. The government also matches this amount, so that is $2,940 that you haven’t had to pay into.

If you take into account your contribution, your employer’s contribution, and the government’s contribution, that is $6,860 per year. After 5 years of contributing only into Kiwisaver, that’s going to give you a total of $34,300.

You might think that’s not enough to purchase a home, but if you combine that with a partner then that’s double. That’s $68,600. You can then also add the HomeStart Grant, which could be up to $20,000 for a couple.

This just outlines that every Kiwi, assuming they are willing to contribute to KiwiSaver, is able to buy a home.

If you are earning $50,000 per year and really want to buy your first home, give me a call and I will put things in place to make sure this is achievable for you.  Call me on 021 662 205 or email