Can I use AirBnB income in a mortgage application?

Quite often I get asked whether it is possible to use AirBnB income within a mortgage application. In most circumstances, we can’t and this is because it is an irregular income and it’s not a confirmed income for a long period of time.

If you run your AirBnB as a business and you have an accountant creating your financial documents on an annual basis, then yes it can be included as we can use the net profit out of that business.

In many situations, even though it’s not it not a regular income, it’s quite often more than actual rent per year. The irregularity with AirBnB is what worries the banks, but if you do have the financials to prove the regular or annual income then it can be included.

Also it pays to remember things are always changing and each lender has slightly different ways of looking at things. I have my finger on the pulse so when there are changes we can find the right lender for your needs, so don’t be afraid to reach out with a question or an idea.

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