About Us

I have worked in the finance industry for over 7 years and have been employed by 2 main New Zealand banks as a senior home lender during this period. Having an inside knowledge of how the banks approve the home loan, combined with hands-on experience working with hundreds of clients from all levels of property ladder from first home buyers to investors and property developers as well as business owners and those who are simply seeking an advice to refix or restructure their mortgage to repay faster- I can certainly help you find the right home loan at best possible terms.

Why choose me as your adviser?

  • I work for you and not the banks!
  • I will save you time and money by comparing over 20 banks and non-bank lenders to find the right solution for your financial needs.
  • I negotiate competitive interest rates and loan structure with the lenders to save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in interest.
  • I will speak to you in real understandable terminology, educating you through to the best choice for now and in future.
  • I will provide you the ongoing support and advice about what to do with your home loan when it comes off the fixed period in the coming years.