Home loans

Having been a broker for nine years and also having worked inside the banks in a number of roles such as Branch Manager, I understand the home loan market very well.

I pride myself on the service levels I provide to my clients. I take the time to add value by ensuring the service I provide, along with your ability to contact me at any time, is superior to what you will experience from any of the trading banks.

My goal is to save you time and money. I simplify the application process and assist you all the way from application to settlement. By dealing with multiple lenders (some of which do not deal direct with the public) I can review many options for you, which will save you time and give you a better understanding of the pros and cons of the various home loan options available to you.

It’s not unusual to come across clients who have been declined by their bank or who have had a poor customer experience with their bank, where I have then been able to help without fuss or bother. The value of understanding the home loan market, the various options available and how to best present your application is invaluable. And I don’t just help with the transaction you need now. I keep in touch and provide an ongoing relationship to ensure your interest rates are reviewed, and as your home loan needs change, I am there to assist.

I look forward to meeting with you and getting your home loan approved.

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