Investment loans

Building wealth through property investment is a goal many Kiwis have. I can assist with arranging your investment property needs and importantly ensure the structure of your lending is done in the most appropriate way, so you can achieve your financial goals.

Some key considerations are:

  • What loan structure is best for your circumstances?
  • What ownership entity should the property be in?
  • Can I get a better deal with another lender due to the total amount of my lending?
  • Should I split my portfolio across a couple of banks?

I can work with your existing lender and also consider others when you are buying your next investment or wanting to review your portfolio.

I often hear frustrations from clients about how often there is a change to their personal banker at the branch. I will build a valuable long term relationship with you. I will understand your background and so as your borrowing needs change and develop I am there to help.

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