About us

The team at Loan Market Metro have many years experience advising people of their loan and insurance options. By doing all the legwork for you, such as completing paperwork and liaising with solicitors, we make organising your loan and insurance applications easy and stress free.

Loan Market Metro was established by Simon Maule, Director and Mortgage Adviser, who has over 20 years experience in the banking and financial services industry. It is important to Simon to provide exceptional customer service to his clients, with a team of experts around him.

Simon is supported by Corrina Lloyd, Mark Magbanua and Eve Xiao, who are very experienced in the financial services industry. They will assist you through the process of obtaining finance, ensure important timelines are met and keep you well informed along the way. Also they will make sure we keep in touch after your loan settles through our client care program.

We also offer the services of our Insurance Adviser, Michelle Vaughan. Michelle's role is to work alongside Simon and put a plan in place that will help take the stress out of any difficult situations, like serious illness, injury or death. It will be easy to understand and will fit in with your budget