1. Why You Should Consider Buying in Christchurch

    ​Are you considering buying in Christchurch? We think that’s a good idea and we can help with your home loan and more…

  2. Property price growth is slowing according to latest data

    Has the property market boom ended? It’s possible with the latest property data showing signs that some of the rocket fuel is out of the market, and concerns about inflation and higher mortgage rates could be having an impact.

  3. Record approvals favour buyers by offering more choice

    Confidence in the future of the property market remains at record levels after two years of world-leading growth in property values, despite a fourth successive mortgage hike. The increase in building activity will boost the supply of homes becoming available and could substantially help first-ti...

  4. Cranes on skyline promise rise in off-the-plan purchases

    If you’re worried about the future of our economy and wondering if this is the right time to buy a property, look no further than the skyline for your answer. Why is this important? Because property is a long-term game, and smart buyers think beyond today’s headlines.

  5. Interest rate hike may mean it’s time to review your mortgage

    The RBNZ has introduced its fourth consecutive interest rate rise in a dramatic attempt to rein in rapidly rising inflation. The RBNZ said it believed the new cash rate was still sufficiently low to stimulate economic activity while dampening aggressive price-setting and taking some heat from the...

  6. The increase of interest rates: concern or natural?

    Interest rates are double what economists were predicting in early 2021. Whilst this is daunting, does history tell us a different story? One of positive change?

  7. Property profit nearly doubled in two years

    Selling your house has never been more profitable, according to the latest data from CoreLogic.

  8. Property market showing signs of recovery - what could this mean for buyers?

    The first faint signs that the Kiwi property market is cooling have emerged, with good news predicted for property buyers. Read on for a property market update across the country.

  9. Survey confirms mortgage advisers help Kiwi borrowers save money

    Kiwi borrowers who get help from mortgage advisers are better off than those who don't. This is the vital message from new research from Financial Advice New Zealand.

  10. Outlook for first home buyers following credit changes

    It's been a tough time for first home buyers. The tightening of LVR restrictions, changes to the CCCFA and finally, stock market turbulence: which has seen many KiwiSaver balances nosedive, affecting those planning on using their funds for a house deposit. However, it's not all doom and gloom...

  11. Rising Inflation: What it means for mortgages and the property market

    You probably first noticed it at the petrol pump. And now the cost of your weekly shop is skyrocketing. Yes, the cost of living is on the increase. What does inflation mean for mortgages and the property market? Let’s take a look.

  12. Share market turbulence and KiwiSaver deposits: Keep calm and carry on saving

    First home buyers hoping to use their KiwiSaver for a house deposit will be nervously following the share markets. The ongoing market volatility has seen KiwiSaver balances take a hammering in recent months, causing sleepless nights for many. So, what's behind all the turbulence, and more importa...

  13. How to maximise your chances of mortgage approval

    The CCCFA (Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act) only came into force in December, and the credit crunch is already starting to bite. The good news is that you can take action to improve your prospects even in a tightened lending environment. Here are some tips to give you the best chance of...