Buyers Month: A Collection of Good News Stories

Realtors across the country are in disbelief in the numbers of houses going on the market and selling. There are huge queues outside of open homes, auctions are lasting less than an hour, interest rates are at a historical low. It is busy out there.

However, there is still plenty of pessimism and misconceptions floating around as New Zealand heads deeper into a recession. 

Therefore, this October, we decided to dedicate to our recent client’s stories. The people just like you who have been there and done it.

We have noticed from the conversations during pre-approval stages that clients have had some interesting and dramatic stories and reasons to why they have come to Loan Market. Everyone has different challenges unique to them – none are ever the same. But we’ve spent time understanding them and no matter what they were, the result was positive.

During this difficult year, many first-home buyers, investors and developers are having to navigate information that isn’t always true. They have to navigate false media hype or believe that getting on the property ladder is going to be impossible this year. 

It will be hard, but it’s not impossible. To prove this, we’re pausing our own case studies and letting our clients take over.
To begin, Ollie from Mount Pleasant talks of his challenges around those big open home audiences and how a simple option changed everything for him and his partner.
Our aim here is to continue to promote these stories and advice from our clients to provide stripped down, easy to understand advice for you and your goals.

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