Buying a new home, we are with you all the way

At Loan Market our relationship with our clients doesn't end with settlement, it’s just the beginning.   

Service is a prime part of our proposition to you as a potential client. We will look after you right from the very start of your home buying journey and throughout the whole process  to ensure you get the right mortgage for your personal situation. We aim to make things as simple as we can, and take as much stress off you as possible.

We also have a post client care programme, and it’s really important to understand that we continue to work with you even after the mortgage has been taken out and you are in your new home. Think about it….  the last time you called or popped in to your bank, you probably didn’t know who to speak to and the person you ended up dealing with probably didn’t know much about your history or current situation with them.

One of our key differences as mortgage advisers, is that we remain in touch after you move in to your property. We will help you review your interest rates to ensure you are still getting the best deal, and make sure you are reaching your goals financially. We also ensure you have a point of contact who knows who you are, your financial background, and what you are looking to achieve.

From start to finish, and one point of contact. That’s what sets us apart. If you would like to discuss your mortgage or financial goals, then get in touch with me today. You can call 027 886 4934 or email