It Has Never Been A Better Time To Engage An Adviser

An Adviser’s role is to work on the client’s behalf to present them the facts, meaningful steps, and support toward their objectives. It is in their best interest to do so as without your success, an Adviser’s time in the market will be short. 

In many cases, Finances, Insurance and Mortgage Advisers spend years building effective relationships with stakeholders, underwriters, and banks, so that when you are ready to engage them, they have done the hard yards for you.

This careful collaboration within the market could pay off spectacularly as many of New Zealand’s banks (Westpac, ANZ, ASB, BNZ) are beginning to permanently close many of their branches off the back of the world’s current health crisis. As a result, many customers are having to go out on their own while these banks accelerate their online capabilities.

Online banking and digital application processes are already in full swing, and understandably many customers will venture here first. In almost all cases though, some form of person-to-person interaction will have to occur. For those that no longer have their bank manager available, this will mean a new voice on the end of the phone, stumbling to get them through the line as they review your application for the very first time. 

Despite technology enhancing this process to a streamlined and scalable output for banks, New Zealanders still prefer in-person support – someone they can put a face to the name of.

These retail outlet closures were going to happen anyway says AdviceHQ’s David Green. 

“Covid-19 sped up the whole process of moving to online, but that old relationship people used to have with their banks had already started to fundamentally fall away.”

With this new process well underway, the concern is to ensure customer don’t feel like just another number and continue to receive support from a real person, not a machine. 

That’s where an Adviser comes in.

What does a mortgage adviser do?

Mortgage Advisers wear many hats. These vary from financial advice, simplified market updates for clients, negotiations, research and commonly, the application process of a mortgage. 

At Loan Market, we deal with first-home buyers, investors, foreign buyers, and property developers to name a few.
It is in the best interest of a Mortgage Adviser to help you achieve the results you are looking for. But at Loan Market, we have taken an approach of absolute client first mentality. In most cases, Advisers are paid by the banks once a mortgage application is through. This means our time together is obligation free and meaningful.

But we do not leave it there. We have made it a point to check in on our clients over a quarterly and/or yearly basis. We check to ensure the mortgage they are on still matches their financial and personal situation. We ensure they are kept updated on the market and are aware of their region’s economic challenges. 

Simon Maule is our Mortgage Adviser and expert here at Loan Market Metro. You can spend as little as thirty-seconds on his reviews to understand the values and objectives we have for a variety of clients. 

“My role is to provide as much advice as I can, but more specifically to the borrows. The biggest thing we provide outside of our advice, is access to all the lenders in one spot”.

“You need someone in your corner. You need someone to be able to negotiate with you very quickly. That time convenience and being able to have someone you can jump on the phone to at any moment is very valuable for our clients”, Simon mentioned on his last webinar.

Loan Market navigate through all the variety of policies that are out there. This complex world can cause many people hours of headaches resulting in the wrong lender being picked (as often, marketing promotes short-term, attractive deals with concerning clauses). We handle all of this and it will not cost you, the client a dime.

It is these years of professional knowledge and experience in the market that will make Advisers more adapt to this changing environment off the back of COVID-19. It means New Zealanders still have an opportunity to talk with someone face to face and build a plan despite what troubles that banks have with their retail vs online activities. 

This July 22nd, Simon and his associates at Ray White and Saunders Robinson Brown talk about the purchasing life-cycle and what is involved from applying to receiving the keys. Make sure you register here and catch the information.

If you are in the market to talk to a mortgage adviser, you can call Simon for a no obligation chat today. Find his details here >