How to get better interest rates

We are currently seeing a very flat interest rate environment, and historic lows are still prevailing throughout the course of this year. Generally, I don’t promote low interest rates as I prefer to sell my business on the service you receive rather than price, but it is good to note that there are some outstanding interest rates currently on offer.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen some really good examples of banks offering some really good interest rate deals. In many instances  I have been able to source the client an even lower interest rate than the banks currently advertised special.

Currently many banks are also in a position to provide cash back incentives which is an amount of cash to help clients with costs as a thank you for doing business with them. Recently we have seen some outstanding cash back incentives as well.

What we are seeing is banks that have funding available for residential home buyers and are prepared to give some strong pricing to clients in order to win their business, so it is more important than ever to ensure you are speaking to your mortgage advisor to make sure you are getting the absolute best deal.

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