Securing a Property moments before a lockdown | Buyers Month

This month, we are focusing on some good news stories and inspiration from our very own clients. The idea is that within these pieces, you may find some advice and build confidence that your goals are achievable – despite this year’s challenges. 

Jamie and her husband had some stressful moments in the lead up to their first home, this which is common. The added tension of a lockdown could have made this whole experience much worse, but we stepped in, came up with a plan and helped guide them through it. 

Hours before New Zealand was due to go into lockdown, Jamie and her Husband still didn’t have their keys. Jamie shares what happened.

“My husband and I were told about Simon after being coldly dismissed by the first mortgage broker we met. We didn’t have high hopes, but everything changed once we met with Simon. 

Upon providing him all the required information he made us feel like there was a very real chance we would get approved for the mortgage we wanted, then, before we had submitted approval my husband and I decided we wanted to build instead of a buy a house. 

Again, we didn’t have high hopes but continued following the process with our fingers crossed. Then out of nowhere the same day we set our hearts on a piece of land and the house to go on it we were approved for our mortgage. 

Simon worked hard for us and got us an excellent result! When all the paperwork started coming in, the process got a little bit overwhelming but Simon and Corrina were always available to answer any questions, they got back to me quickly each time and made sure I had a clear understanding of what was going on. 

There were a few small errors made by the bank we chose to lend with and Simon and Corrina worked to remedy them as quickly as possible. 

The biggest thing we are thankful for is the week of our settlement. We were expecting to settle on March 27 (the week NZ went into lockdown) and we were desperate to get into the house before lockdown, I rung Simon in tears on Monday 23rd of March, straight after the lockdown announcement to see if there was anything that could be done to make the process happen faster so we could still get in before lockdown. He told me he would do his best, but that many others were in the same boat, which I understood. 

My husband and I kept our fingers crossed and then amazingly, we got a call from our housing company at 9am on Tuesday 24th March, we had settled! 

We finished moving into our home 2 hours before the country went into lockdown and we couldn’t have done that without Simon, Corrina and his team. We are so grateful for our experience with the Loan Market team and would recommend them to everyone!
Their customer service, knowledge, and personable approaches make them stand out from the rest”.

This case studies is one of the most powerful this year. Not everyone was lucky enough to settle so close to the wire, but for this couple, they kept in touch with us and we all worked hard to get things locked away. 

As we lead in 2021, the property landscape will continue to develop. But things are possible when you remain calm, build a plan, and of course reach out to us – the professionals. We have plenty more of these case studies coming up, so subscribe here today