Want a loan for a boat or something on wheels? I can help with that.

If buying a boat, a caravan or a family car is on your to do list, be smart about how you finance it and you could save yourself some serious coin.

As you know, it’s our job to compare a range of loans from a number of banks and lenders to find the one that suits you. Well it’s the same deal with cars, caravans, boats, motorbikes or any other sort of vehicle you need. Whether it’s for personal or business use or you’re buying it through a dealership or private sale, I’m here to look at why you need your vehicle and then check out our panel of asset finance providers (that’s bank speak for vehicle and equipment loans) so you know what’s out there in the market and what’s competitive. Same drill as with a home loan, I help you put in an application to the bank or lender and get the funds all sorted.

And don’t fret if you didn’t look around at loan options when you bought your caravan or last car. We can review your current deal and see if there is something more competitive out there and help you refinance your loan.   

If this all sounds good to you, let me know and we can grab a coffee and discuss your options.