Why You Should Consider Buying in Christchurch

Are you considering buying in Christchurch? We think that’s a good idea and we can help with your home loan and more…. 

If you are looking to move or buy in Christchurch, you may be part of a small demographic about to make a sound and sensible investment. 

These are challenging times in the property and investing landscape, high inflation, low confidence in lenders, and rising interest rates. But, when taking a comparative view of the New Zealand property market, Christchurch remains as one of the best options available. 

Presenting great, affordable value compared to the rest of the country, Christchurch City and the surrounding suburbs remain a strong, sensible option.

Christchurch is seriously undervalued

Our property expert friends at Opes Partners recently wrote an article on March 10th indicating that Christchurch is still undervalued by around 20% compared to the rest of New Zealand. 

Another similar piece by Seven Sharp on March 7th provides another interesting article regarding people looking to move to Christchurch due to high employment demand and opportunity. 

Currently, the city boasts approximately 2,576 available jobs on Seek. Off the back of lifted covid restrictions and a developing city, workers from Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga are strongly considering a new way of life in a very livable city.

The Median House Price

As of April 2022, Christchurch’s Median house price sits at $689,000. Compare this to Hamilton’s $864,000, Tauranga’s $987,000, Wellington’s $1.25 million, and Auckland’s $1.38 million, Christchurch is winning in affordability. 

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Christchurch is still presenting great value comparatively even during the difficult times the country and world finds itself in. 

Suburbs spread all around the region and are often in walking distance to shops, restaurants, and bustling café culture and local schools. A short drive to the mountains or a shorter drive to the beach, Christchurch has become perfect for young families and first home buyers.

Don’t do it alone, get professional support

If you are considering a move or buying in Christchurch, it’s important you connect with the right people who have a trusted contact list of support.

At Loan Market Metro, we will arrange your home loan and provide outstanding service and advice, (check out our google reviews here) we can connect you with credible lawyers, property management firms, property inspection agencies, accountants, and insurance brokers to help you with the house hunt and purchasing journey. 

Our job is to help you build and initiate a plan that’s unique to you. In Christchurch, this may include understanding the technical difficulties you may experience like earthquake issues and council regulations.  

So reach out today. We look forward to meeting you.