About Us

I have worked for BNZ for the past 10 years as a Residential Banking Advisor. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and gained the right set of skills and knowledge to enable me to become a Mortgage Broker. With my experience I know what the lenders are typically looking for in an application and I can give the right advice to strengthen an application.

The reason I decided to become a broker is due to banks are more and more moving away from relationship banking, customer are encouraged to contact the Call Centre or use online channels.

The part I loved the most about my role was the relationships I had with my clients and getting to know them personally and their business so I can help them reach their financial goals. This is something I can continue to do as a Broker.

I am fortunate to work with a really good team, with two other very experienced brokers, Alistair & Nick and office gurus Jo and Kym. We all come from extensive lending and finance backgrounds and between us we can find the best lender tailored to your situation.