About Ammon Acarapi

I am an experienced mortgage adviser, having worked for ANZ as a mortgage manager and then owner of my own adviser company employing up to 14 advisers the past 7 years.

I am an active property investor myself and have assisted hundreds of clients build their property investment portfolios, whether it be their first or their tenth investment property.

I also have extensive experience with property development. I have built over 400 houses for myself and clients. I understand both the consenting and construction processes, and very importantly I know how to navigate my way around the complexities of development funding - "Your property strategy is only a good as your financing strategy".   

Publicly Available Disclosure

Ammon's experience in all things property has given me and my wife the confidence and ability to:

1) buy our first home
2) buy our first two investments properties
3) build two minor dwellings on our investment properties
4) move down to Wanaka and build our dream home which also has a separate outhouse that we have on Air B&B

We highly recommend his knowledge and service.

Andrew McLean