Our Team

My support team

Pat Lockwood: Executive Assistant to Bruce 

  • I have been in the finance industry since 1993 this time around but my first job out of school was office junior in a bank
  • I have been working with LoanMarket since December 2006
  • I love it when we've got a client's finance pre-approved and then we get that excited call saying they've bought. That's when the fun begins and we get to work getting the best possible deal to suit them.

Sarah Parkin: Client Services Assistant

  • Hi I'm Sarah Parkin
  • I've been in the finance industry since 2005 and have spent the last 10 years working for mortgage advisers
  • I started with with Loan Market in Auckland February 2013 when we moved to Auckland
  • I love helping clients achieve their dreams and goals, especially when they've been let down by their own bank. It could be a new home, a better interest rate, a new bank, or a new beginning. Every client is different, and sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference to their lives.

Corrine Hughes: Client Services Assistant

  • 10 years background in banking and home finance
  • Last 2.5 years has been with Loan Market
  • Originally from Hawkes Bay
  • My priority is serving and treating clients in a way that I'd like to be treated.
  • Whether that is taking the time to explain what to expect as we go through the process of buying a house or refinancing or always having a positive attitude, my aim is to ensure things get done as simply, stress-free & as quickly as possible.


Debbie Wilford: Insurance Adviser

  • I have been in the finance industry since 1985
  • I progressed through various roles in banking with Trust Bank, Westpac, ANZ, National Bank, eventually specialising in lending with my final role before leaving the bank being a Business Banking Manager.
  • I had a passion to specialise in risk and joined Bruce Patten in his Loan Market business in March 2010 as a Risk Adviser, allowing Bruce to offer protection to his clients when purchasing on of their biggest assets in their lives
  • I pride myself on the relationships I build with all of my clients, which goes a long way in enabling me to recommend a comprehensive risk protection plan specifically tailored to their Personal and Business needs, giving you ‘peace of mind’ things will be OK financially should something go wrong.

Kathryn Patten: Personal Assistant to Debbie

  • I have been in the insurance industry since 1990
  • I have a commercial and domestic insurance background
  • Since Bruce started Loan Market Highland Park in 2002 I have been supporting him in the business and more recently assisted setting up our Insurance arm in 2010 so that we could provide our clients a one stop shop and help get their dream home and protect their assets should something go wrong with their Job, Health or an unforeseen accident should occur.