Borrowing capacity

The borrowing capacity calculator will help give you the confidence to purchase your home.

Do your sums and discover how much you can borrow based on your current income and expenses.

Your calculated expenses will depend on whether it is a single or joint application, and how many dependants you have (people you support financially, like children).

In addition to your maximum borrowing power, the calculator will also provide you with an estimate of your monthly loan repayments so you can look for a home with the confidence of knowing how much you can really afford to borrow.

It’s important to note that your borrowing power will vary between lenders and is dependent on your circumstances, interest rates and your preferred lender’s lending policy.

For complete confidence to start buying, speak to your Loan Market mortgage adviser to arrange a formal pre-approval.

Borrowing power calculator

Loan Market makes it easy for you

Loan Market is here to assist you when you need funds the most. Get the amount you want and never worry about repayments as our qualified mortgage advisers and lending partners will assist you every step of the way. With expert help, you can stay on top of your loans while having the right amount of funds to spend for your home, business, or personal needs.

Get started with our borrowing capacity calculator so that you can check if you qualify or have the capacity to secure a home loan. Just input your current income and expenses, and the calculator will provide you with a maximum loan amount as well as monthly loan repayment estimates. Looking for lower interest rates or easier payment terms? Simply adjust the figures in the calculator and get the figures that you want.

For over two decades, Loan Market has been helping Kiwis secure the right loan from a vast network of banks and lenders. Get expert advice and consultation from one of our 165+ advisers who have secured over $350 million in home finance each month. As for our partner lenders, we work with over 20 established lenders including Australasia's largest real estate business Ray White.
Loan Market specialises in home, investment, land and construction, personal, and business loans. We mainly assist first-time home buyers as well as individuals looking to refinance their mortgage payments. Get in touch with our advisers today!

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