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Securing a home loan or other personal and business loans can get very complicated. And if you’re not into reading details or make errors in your own research, you may be shelling out higher payments than you initially expected. This is where a mortgage adviser comes in to offer expert advice and assistance.

With mortgage advisers actively working with multiple lenders, they have first-hand information on which lenders offer the best payment terms, as well as info on certain lenders offering hidden terms in their contracts. This saves you all the legwork from doing the research yourself— research that may even seem insignificant since you won’t get all the important details. 

Another reason why hiring a mortgage adviser is advantageous is that they help you manage your fees and keep them at a minimum. Whether it be application fees or appraisal fees among others, they have the leverage to negotiate with lenders to decrease or waive some of these charges. Getting an opportunity to get hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings is worth more than nothing.

Loan Market is a centralised space for hundreds of mortgage advisers determined to achieve every New Zealander’s dream of owning a house. We’ll negotiate the best deals as well as help you match your financial capacity to loans that you can easily manage. Own the dream and own the deal with Loan Market!

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    We have access to a range of lenders willing to negotiate with special offers and discounted interest rates.
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    We’ll find out your financial goals and match your needs to the most competitive loans from thousands of choices.
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    Your adviser will complete all of your paperwork and take the stress out of the process for you.
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    Our service is free to you because our fees are paid for by the lenders.

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