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Home Loans in South Otago

I have lived and worked in South Otago all of my life and really care about the local people and our communities and I offer a fully mobile, professional mortgage advisory service to clients in and around South Otago. I have a history in banking and extensive experience in mortgage processes and I will always work hard to find the best solution for every client.

I have access to home loans from a wide panel of major banks and secure lenders, and I truly understand that getting the right home finance is in your best interest. Getting your finance approved early means that you are in the best position to negotiate for your home, on your own terms. And while the home loan application process can seem daunting, I can simplify and guide you through the process so nothing is missed.

Home Loan Deposits

Most banks and lenders will require a minimum deposit of around 20% of the value of the property you are purchasing before they will approve you for a home loan. Depending on the lender and your individual situation, you may be able to fund your deposit from a range of sources, including genuine savings, monetary gifts, inheritances, Kiwisaver contributions and First Home Buyers Government Subsidy. However, most lenders will require at least a portion to come from genuine savings.

In some situations, I can access a Welcome Home Loan, which means that you require a minimum of only 10% to get you into a home. There are restrictions on the maximum purchase price and some other conditions, so it’s best for us to discuss whether this could work for you.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting experience, but there is a lot to think about. I make the home loan application process smooth and as easy as possible, so you can concentrate on finding the right home. As part of my service, I will help you understand the types of home loans available to you and will assist you in choosing the right one for your situation. If you are eligible for the First Home Buyers Government Subsidy and/or Kiwisaver withdrawal, I will help you fill in the paperwork.

Home Loan Pre-Approval

Home loan pre-approval is a great way to ensure you know how much you can afford to pay for a property before you even start looking. A written pre-approval can also give you an advantage when negotiating on a property with a vendor, as opposed to someone who has no pre-approval or finance in place. Home loan pre-approval is generally valid for about six months, and you may still need a satisfactory valuation on the property you intend to purchase before your pre-approval can progress to a full loan approval.

Refinancing Loans

Refinancing your mortgage is something that takes careful consideration. The most important thing to look at is if refinancing will place you in a better position than you would be if you remained with your current loan. I can go through the sums with you to show you the costs involved in changing home loans, as well as your projected costs over a set timeframe for both your current and proposed home loans. And if you decide that if refinancing is the right move for you, I will help you complete all the necessary paperwork to make the change.

Home Loan Top-Ups/ Fixed Rate Rollovers

Whether you wish to increase your existing mortgage to purchase that new car or boat, or negotiate a fixed rate on your existing mortgage I can help you complete all the required paperwork at a time that suits you.

Contact me at julie.scott@loanmarket.co.nz

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