I work mobile, can freely travel around North Shore and Central Auckland suburbs.

Working with over 20 lenders, I strive to find the most competitive deal for you.

我精通普通话和英语。在新西兰生活了17年,熟悉奥克兰的房地产市场, 个人也很热衷房地产投资,有一定的心得。我有当地大银行10年从业经验, 熟悉贷款保险业务。我将全心为您打造适合您的最佳贷款和保险方案。欢迎随时咨询交流。


  • 自住房贷款
  • 转银行贷款-Refinance
  • 投资房产贷款
  • 生意贷款
  • 大病险,人寿险,收入和医疗
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    Best rates since WWII!

    Back when rubber shortages meant dairy farmers had to prove they had at least 12 cows to qualify for gumboots and rationing saw New Zealanders shrinking their meals, mortgage rates were low. Pretty much, where they are today - seventy years on.

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    Yes, our housing market’s slowing, but so is everyone else’s

    ​Our housing market has become less road runner and more sloth. And we’re not the only country seeing a slowdown.

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    Interest rate 101

    ​What’s a central bank? This is a country's primary monetary authority and it decides on the interest rate. Ours is called the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, known as the RBNZ.