3 ways I can get your customers ready for EOFY

Tick, tick... Only a month until the end of financial year. I’ve got a few tools in my toolbelt to help your clients get savvy when it comes to their loan. Here’s a few things I can help with:

Refinancing and consolidating debt
Refinancing is a great option for many clients. We look at your client's current loan and see if it’s still competitive. A brand new loan can also help pay off an old one and help consolidate credit cards and personal loans too. We scan the products of the 20+ lenders on our panel, to see what’s out there and suits your client's needs. We can also help tap into funds for that long-awaited renovation, investment property or backyard pool.

A new car?
If your client has their eye on a new set of wheels, we can compare products for car loans, like we do with home loans. We chat to your client about an option that may suit them and can help with explaining how repayments can be tax deductible if they’re buying a business vehicle.

Knowing your client is protected if something was to go pear shaped is a must in my eyes. We can connect them with our partners Insurance Market to make sure they can make loan repayments if something unexpected was to happen. They can also help with home, car and travel insurance too.

If you have a client wanting to get their EOFY ducks in a row, get in touch today!