Are you ready for refinancing?

There are lots of reasons to refinance your home loan. You may have found yourself with extra cash in your pocket from lower repayments. Perhaps you've landed a new job and have more money to spare each week. Or maybe you're sick of paying for loan features that you don't need.

Part of making sure it's a good time to refinance is determining that you're ready to do it. As home loans are a significant financial commitment, you'll need to be sure you can cope with the changes.

Your goals - investment or personal - may have changed over time. You might’ve decided you want to be debt-free as soon as possible, which means increasing your payments. Alternatively, you might’ve been thinking about taking advantage of the tight rental market and securing an investment property. Whatever the goal, it's important you get your finances sorted so you can achieve it.

Reducing costs and redundancies
If you've recently reviewed your loan and found features you don't use, then now is the time to axe them. Many people sign up for additional loan features and don't end up using them, paying for redundant features they don't need.

Starting a family
Having a family means you'll need to keep a close eye on your budget. Many costs can pop up when you have kids, so you'll need to stay on top of them. You might need to live on a strict budget each week and monitor your spending. A great way to live to a budget is to refinance your loan to a fixed rate. This can give your repayments some certainty for a fixed time.

How do I refinance?
There’s a short and simple answer to that question. Get in touch with your mortgage broker. The process of refinancing your loan is really easy and requires only a small amount of work on your part. In fact, your mortgage adviser is the one who will be doing all the legwork for you.

Once you've booked yourself an appointment with your adviser, they'll meet with you to discuss your options. They'll ask you what has changed since you first obtained your mortgage or last refinanced. Then the’ll help you to find the right loan for you. If they can find you a better offer, they'll arrange it all for you. As interest rates are at a historical low, now is a great time to call your adviser and ask about refinancing your loan.