Great news we have received resource consent to convert our commercial gym into a 1 bedroom apartment! (very happy) We have included a copy of the consent and application within this post as thought you may find interesting if you are considering yourself.

The council are obviously snowed under so it took probably around 6 weeks but to be fair they were very good to work with and the process itself was straight forward.

Probably the main page to note is page 7 ‘the appendix’ as this is where any conditions are highlighted. There is nothing there of any concern and we can easily deal with them all.

Toward the back of the document you can see our proposed design and plans.

I would like to thank the following people and businesses who really made this process straight forward with their expertise and would strongly recommend their services:

Graeme Todd – GTODD LAW –

Lucy Milton – LM Consulting –

Stepan – Koncept Design –

Costs so far:

To complete the process of resource consent from start to finish has cost $9,000. This includes the designs costs for outline plans of the apartment itself as per the application.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

Design – 50%

Planner – 26%

Council – 23%

Solicitor – <1%

Next Step:

We are now continuing to work with Stepan of Koncept Design to finalise designs and produce all working drawings to submit for build consent. At this point we now have a builder involved who is looking to specialize in renovations like this with bespoke design with a focus on recycled materials and an authentic look within keeping of our home….more on that in another post once we have established exactly what we are doing.

It will take 3-4 weeks to have the plans completed and presented to council. In the meantime we have a gardener coming round to plant around the apartment providing more privacy for them and us along with fencing. You can spend a fortune on planting and when you are not a gardener like me waste a lot of money so felt it was important to optimize our budget with sound advice.

Click here to read through the resource consent document - Resource Document

Next Post:

We will post again in the next couple of weeks once we have established final plans. My accountant will also be putting a post together regarding tax advice around rentals as plenty of things to consider.