Buying your first home

“The target is easy if you know where to aim”

You’re looking to buy your first home but feel overwhelmed at the thought of navigating through the lending process. Securing finance to purchase property can sometimes be challenging.

But entering the property market doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may think. At least not with the right support and guidance. So where do you start?

Planning is key

Buying property is potentially the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make, so it pays to know what lies in the road ahead. Having the right education and support ensures you’re aware of what is required to get you prepared for a successful lending process.

A mortgage adviser is your best friend

Working with a mortgage adviser has many benefits and maximises your chance of having the home loan approved. An adviser can compare and negotiate rates and lending criteria between a range of different lenders to find the best mortgage for you. They’ll support you through the entire lending process, from application to settlement- and beyond.

There are many different variables that a lender will consider when assessing your home loan application. Some lenders are more lenient while others will require further scrutiny.

This is where an adviser plays an important role in the success of your mortgage approval. Because they’re experts in helping people obtain mortgage finance, advisers have a thorough understanding of the lender’s guidelines and can tailor the right product to your individual situation.

In New Zealand, there’s a wide range of home loan products and lenders on offer. Whilst this can give you plenty of choice, finding your way through the different home loan options out there can be a confusing task. A mortgage adviser covers a lot of ground on your behalf and can provide you with a broader understanding of the market and the options available.

An adviser can then act on your behalf as the middleman between you and the lender to secure a competitive rate and suitable lending criteria for your specific circumstances.

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