Five reasons why you should use a Mortgage Adviser

With interest rates at an all-time low, there’s never been a better time to get a home loan. However, navigating your way around all the deals on offer is confusing. Loan Market’s nationwide team of more than 120 advisers can help make sense of it all. 

Securing over $300 million in home finance each month in New Zealand, our mortgage advisers know the market inside out. 

So, for anyone looking to buy property or get a better deal on their mortgage, here are five compelling reasons to use a mortgage adviser. 

1. Access to hundreds of loan products. 

Loan Market advisers have an extensive panel of over 20 lenders to choose from. And that means access to hundreds of products. 

Our advisers have expert knowledge of interest rates and application criteria. Plus, we can negotiate on the customer’s behalf. Our advisers will source the best product at the right interest rate for any individual circumstances.

2. Advisers work for customers, not the lender.

A family-run business, Loan Market is not owned by a bank. This independence ensures we have the customer’s best interests at heart rather than the lending institution.

Plus, our service comes at no cost to the customer. It’s the lender and not the consumer that pays the adviser's fee. 

3. More flexibility, less hassle.

The adviser's knowledge and expertise make the whole process as smooth as possible. From completing the application process to pre-approvals and setting up the mortgage, the adviser offers expert help. 

Furthermore, we can find solutions for customers the banks may have turned down. Self-employed people and those with credit issues often struggle with mainstream lenders. Our advisers know which lenders offer the best products for these clients, including non-bank lenders. 

4. Saves time, reduces stress.

In a red-hot property market, the ability to act quickly could make all the difference. A mortgage adviser saves time. Instead of several applications to complete, there’s only one. Plus, the adviser does all the leg work. The customer is presented with a comparison of loans, including costs and interest rates. It’s easy to see at a glance what the options mean. 

Buying a home is one of life’s most stressful events. While refinancing an existing mortgage often ends up in the too-hard basket. Loan Market advisers help take the stress out of these situations. Our personalised service smooths the way and evens out the inevitable bumps. Most of our advisers have long-standing relationships with their clients spanning several moves and many years.  

5. Expert knowledge, when it’s needed most. 

Taking on a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment most of us will ever make. Using a mortgage adviser gives the customer confidence they are making the right product choice. And Loan Market advisers are among the most qualified in the industry. We are committed to outstanding customer service and the team’s ongoing professional development. 

And for added peace of mind, Loan Market advisers are also Licenced Financial Advisers. Furthermore, we have a complaints process in place and are members of a dispute resolution scheme. 

For more than 25 years, Loan Market has helped make Kiwis home-ownership dreams become a reality. And with a 95% customer satisfaction rating, we are the number one choice for many. 

In the market for a new mortgage? Get in touch with the team today. We will find the perfect product for any lifestyle.