Get help early on

No matter which stage you are in the life cycle there are always surprises around the corner. Whether you are getting married, changing a job, buying a new house or having a new addition to the family one has to make adjustments not only to their lifestyle but also re-evaluate their financial situation.

Very often we see people leave things until the last minute which causes a lot of stress and panic. In the last month I saw a few customers who had to face situations like redundancies, over budgeted renovation costs, medical emergencies and unexpected overseas travel. Yes there are certain things which we can control and some we can only prevent.

The key answer to this is regular budgeting and planning well ahead. There are tools to prevent such risks. It is highly essential to have the right risk covers in place, insurances are there for a reason though the premiums seem expensive the only time you realise the benefit is at claim time.

For customers who are facing changes in their financial situation and struggling to pay their bills do not wait until things turn to custard. Things might look challenging but when you start communicating either with your bank or mortgage adviser there is a high possibility that they will be in a position to help you out of the situation.The most simple thing to so is get help early on.

Budgeting and planning your finances may seem like a daunting task. Seek help from your Financial advisers or Risk advisers about how you can be better prepared for any unexpected circumstances. By planning ahead you are going to have a secure future and better financial control.