Get Set to Sparkle This Christmas

Christmas is a time of year to enjoy the company of friends and family, often by entertaining them in your home. To create a bit of festive fun, update the look of your home with these festive home decor ideas for spaces large and small.

Knock, knock
Adorn your front door with a handmade wreath. Buy a glue gun and simple wooden or polystyrene wreath base from your haberdashery store and get creative. Try ice-cream sticks, dried flowers or shells for an earthy look, greenery, flowers, glitter or tinsel for a bright wreath or even lollies or popcorn for a fun look.

See the light
Take an old glass jar and wrap in a band of Christmas paper. Place a small tea light candle inside to create festive Christmas lights.

Pop pop!
Take some popped corn and using a needle and thread to make long strands of popcorn ‘tinsel’ for your tree or draping along mantelpieces or walls. It’s cheap and environmentally friendly.

Theme your display
Create a Christmas themed display on a hallway table. Pull together objects like a small pine tree, a bowl of cherries, classic trinkets, soft fairy lights and candles.

Colourful crockery
Liven up your Christmas table with coloured glassware, crockery and table linen. Add mirrored surfaces, glitter and candles for even more table bling.

Get crafty
Dust off the sewing machine and whip up some Christmas themed cushions - gold sequins, silver vinyl and other textured materials will liven up an everyday couch or chair. Create some traditional present stockings to hang on the mantelpiece.

Tasty tree
Freshly baked and decorated gingerbread shapes make an inexpensive and tasty tree decoration or to hang around the house. Tree, star, bauble and house shaped biscuit with a simple ribbon tie look, and taste, fantastic.

Take it outside
Create a beautifully festive picnic space by stringing garlands of tinsel or pennant flags to delineate the space. A colourful red rug with Christmas themed plates and cups, with empty boxes wrapped to be presents will set the scene.

Branching out
Looking for an alternative Christmas tree? Try a gnarled gum tree branch, secured in a nice pot or metal pail. Cover the branches with baubles, glitter, paint and tinsel, or keep it stripped back to a few strategic ornaments for a modern look.