Keep the Summer Feel in Your Home

Summer is a great time to renew and refresh your home - inside and out - to herald in the warmer weather and longer days. Whilst the summer holidays have now been and gone for most of us, there are ways you can keep the summer feeling in your home for longer with some simple home styling. There are some fun, summer inspired interior trends on the rise, that you can easily incorporate into your home.

Wicked Wicker
Over the past few years, wicker and other natural textures like rattan and sisal have been creeping into our outdoor spaces. This summer, wicker is set to star both inside and out. Inside try an updated coffee table of rattan or a colourful wicker side table. Outside, colour is king with bright painted wicker chairs and tables providing sunny pops of colour for entertaining.

Top Brass
Brass and copper tones replace traditional silver and chrome this season as the metallic of choice. Metallics always stand out, and they can look amazing when they contrast a simple living space. Update your kitchen or bathroom with new brass taps or a metallic light shade in the living room. Splash out on a statement brass balustrade on your staircase or clad your island bench in copperplate.

Playful Bohemia
This look is about having a neutral base to your home, but creating interest through colour and texture in a constant state of change. Create displays using handmade items that are nostalgic and carefree. Think knitted tea cosies, hand woven bowls, rugs and repurposed items, even better if you have collected them on your own travels or second hand shopping.

What better way to ring in summer than by creating your own tropical oasis. Simple additions like new plants will instantly give a green feel, while bigger projects can create a beautiful sanctuary to enjoy year round. Walls don’t need to be plain, use a mural in full oversized leaf print or calming wallpaper to transform a room into a space that transports you to a tranquil tropical paradise. Bright floral and tropical birds printed on surfaces such as fabric, wood and ceramics are great support acts.

Colour, colour, colour
The quickest and easiest way to update your home is to add colour. This might be as simple as new colourful cushions for your couch or a new floor rug to bring together the space. Repainting a room or wall with a splash of bright colour will instantly change the feel of a tired room.