If you are a member of KiwiSaver, you may be eligible to withdraw from your fund to use as a deposit towards the purchase of your first home.

 So who is eligible, what can you get and how do you apply?

Eligibility for KiwiSaver Withdrawal

  • A member of a complying fund
  • Have been a member of KiwiSaver for at least three years contributing the minimum required
  • Intend to live in the property. (It cannot be used to buy an investment property.)


What can you get?

You can withdraw all contributions including member’s tax credits (with the exception of the Government $1,000 kick-start).
Effective 1 April 2015 and onwards your KiwiSaver withdrawal may include:

  • your members contributions
  • any employer contributions (voluntary and compulsory)
  • any returns on investment(s) received
  • any member tax credits.


How do you apply?

The withdrawal is administered by your KiwiSaver scheme provider or relevant complying fund manager. If approved the payments of the funds will be paid to your solicitor on or before settlement day.
From 1 June 2015, legislative changes allowed for a first home withdrawal to be used to make deposit payments. There are exceptions to this, most commonly for build purchases.  



Housing NZ does not manage the KiwiSaver Withdrawal. Contact your KiwiSaver scheme provider.
The Kiwisaver withdrawal feature is separate from the HomeStart Grant. Eligibility for withdrawal has fewer criterions to that of the HomeStart Grant, i.e. Property value caps and income caps do not apply to the withdrawal feature, so whilst you may not be eligible for a grant you may still be eligible for the withdrawal.