Loanmarket Waitakere - Raywhite Landlord event

This week on Wednesday 5 July it was an awesome opportunity for Waitakere Loanmarket to be part of Raywhite Buywest - Landlord evening. We had a mix of people who were already landlords and some to be landlord. The key highlight of the meet was about the importance of Landlords Insurance, drug testing and prevention for rental properties and the importance of loan structuring for investment loans.

With Auckland property market once again making headlines its on every ones mind as to which direction the market was heading. It was a great opportunity for people to meet property managers, accountants, insurance and Mortgage advisers. There was a lot of one on one questions specially in the area of loan structuring for rental properties. 

Lot of people who had been landlords for several years were not aware of how loan structuring impacts them. When we were talking about loan structuring for rental properties the things to consider are the loan amount to be borrowed, the entity under which the rental property has to be set up, the need for accountants to calculate the income and expenses components for rental properties and the options of interest only loans which are available for investment loans. 

There were seasoned investors who were curious to know how they can still purchase investment properties with current Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) restrictions. Some of them were interested to know more about the purchase of new construction properties which are exempt from LVR restrictions for investment purpose and also the option of seeking funding from non banking lenders.

The video presentation by Loanmarket CEO Brian Greer which was played on the night was very informative. Thanks to Raywhite Buywest to invite Loanmarket Waitakere to be part of this Landlords Event and look forward for many more to come where we can build strong customer relationships and engage with our customers in an effective way.