My 20+ pathways to securing finance for your clients.

With credit rules tightening thanks to our friends across the ditch, this could make you and your clients fear they may struggle to get finance for that property they have their eye on. But ignore the doomsdayers. Banks are still willing to lend, you just need to know your stuff. That’s where I come in…

It’s true, banks have tweaked their lending rules meaning borrowers’ expenses and income are under more scrutiny than ever before. Negative gearing is also a hot topic at the moment and with major banks dropping their rates as low as 4%, many consumers can now afford to enter the market. But the tightness is a skivvy not a straightjacket. As always in life, it’s about who you know.

Our amazing panel of 20+ lenders is super keen to help your clients. I know the criteria for each of these lenders which is often hard for your clients to access and can help your clients apply for a loan with this knowledge, rather than find out once they are rejected.

I can also help your clients understand what may affect their loan application such as personal loans or credit card debt and can help them put a strategy in place to minimise this.

If finding finance gives your clients a headache, pass the pain to us!