New housing intensification rules about to take effect

Housing intensification is coming to a neighborhood near you.

From August, councils in the greater urban areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Rotorua Lakes will have to apply new medium-density residential standards to most of their housing stock.

Other councils experiencing acute housing needs may also be required to include the medium-density residential standards in their plans.

Under the new rules, which were approved by parliament in December 2021, owners will be able to develop up to three dwellings on each site, each being up to three storeys, without needing to apply for a resource consent – assuming all other requirements have been met.

The aim of housing intensification is to improve housing affordability, by increasing the supply of housing and providing more housing choice.

“New Zealand has a shortage of affordable housing, especially in our main urban areas. Most residential zones currently allow only a single dwelling per site and have two-storey height restrictions in urban residential areas,” according to the Ministry for the Environment.

The new rules are aimed at anyone who wants to build more medium-density housing, "particularly small-scale property owners or those with limited experience in more complex residential developments".

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