Should I Be Looking at Refixing or Refinancing My Home Loan?

A home loan isn’t something you should set and forget. Things change, both in regard to your personal circumstances and in the home lending market, and these changes can provide opportunities for you to make beneficial or necessitated changes to your lending arrangements.

For example, you might have had a change in personal circumstances meaning your ability to make repayments has been impacted, or alternatively be in a position to pay down your loan faster. We can take a look and help you negotiate the best deal for your circumstances.

When assessing your options it pays to keep in mind that each lender has different policy around extra payments when fixed and these differences between lenders need to be considered to ensure you are with the right lender.

Alternatively you may have financial, family or lifestyle plans in the near future which should be taken into account when refixing, as a different lender may be more lenient towards your intentions versus your existing lender.

Like any market there is competition and this provides opportunity for borrowers. Currently some lenders are competing to increase market share which means there are some good deals available that other lenders won’t offer for 80% LVR. We have our finger on the pulse and can save you time and effort in finding great rates.

Regardless of who your lender is and whether or not you worked with us on your original finance, we can still offer you advice on the structure of your mortgage based upon your personal situation and financial goals and represent you in negotiating a mortgage refix or refinance if required.

Banks policies and risk appetite around lending are constantly changing, with doors opening and closing on finance available at certain rates and for different equity levels, so it makes sense to always talk to a suitable adviser about your position and intentions.