Spruce up your home for spring

As we edge closer to spring, we look forward to the warmer weather and longer days. The changing of the season often comes with a renewed energy and it’s the perfect time to look at a home refresh.

Home maintenance and improvements don’t have to break the bank, here are some cost effective ways to bring a new look into your property.

The age old advice - paint it!

This is the most obvious way to freshen up a home. It can also be done on a budget if you do the painting yourself. Inside or out, a fresh coat of paint can change the whole look of a house. And with such a variety of products available, there’s something to suit all budgets.

Lighten and brighten

Introducing different lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a home. Lamps are the easiest way to create a new lighting scheme and they can also be a feature piece. Brightening up a room as well as adding an accessory can introduce a brand new mood into your home.

Experiment with fabrics

If you feel as though your living areas are looking dull or a bit too neutral, a change of fabrics could be the most cost effective way to liven things up. Incorporating different patterns, colours and textures can make all the difference. Adding cushions and throw rugs to a room may be all that it takes.

Work with art

One of the simplest things you can do that won’t cost you a cent is moving around your photographs and artwork. You might be surprised by how much can change when you rearrange your paintings and photo frames – you’ll achieve a whole new look.

Freshen up with flowers

Spring is the ideal time to introduce fresh flowers to the home. Flowers brighten a room, add fragrance to the home and look beautiful. It’s an easy and cheap thing to do to freshen things up.

Remove the clutter

At this time of year, cleaning may spring to mind and there’s never a better time to declutter the home. Sorting through wardrobes, cupboards, garages and back sheds will not only free up valuable storage space, it will also make the home feel fresher (even if you’re the only one who notices it).