The latest Autumn trends for your home

As Autumn sets in, you’ll most probably be spending more time indoors. Give your space a quick seasonal update with these hot trends for the cold weather ahead. It can be as little as changing your cushions or as big as updating your kitchen and bathroom - but whatever your budget, these Autumn trends will get you inspired.

Softly, softly
The colour palette will move from strong stainless steel and greys, to soft and pretty tones of copper, rose gold and teal. But don’t be put off by creating a completely feminine space - be inspired by the art deco or industrial periods. It can be as simple as adding a rose gold mirror or glass topped side table, a feature light fitting or teal and rose cushions.

Paying less is more
The trend toward visually paring a room back is going a step even further by reigning in your budget too. No longer are expensive Italian lounges and Scandinavian beds a badge of honour, now it becomes a unique second hand find, or customised piece that will get more ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. Search online auctions, thrift stores and even the odd roadside for interior gems. Foraging is no longer a term just for the garden!

Save the environment
Including environmentally thoughtful design, materials and products is a cool way to be hot this Autumn. Choose natural materials like linen, rattan, wool and wood to create an earthy haven. Install energy saving lightbulbs throughout the house and choose appliances that have lower energy consumption. Grow your own herbs and make them a feature in your kitchen or outdoor area and include plants that have air purifying qualities into your design.

Autumnal Garden
But who says you need to get indoors, your outdoor area - whether it be a small balcony to a large garden - can also be updated. Gardens are becoming as functional as they are beautiful with fruit trees, superfoods like kale, herbs and remedial plants becoming the heroes of the garden. Natives and drought resistant plants will keep you on trend visually and ethically, and consider drought-proofing your garden with water storage tanks and low water grasses.

Get graphic
Graphic elements but with a minimalist influence will keep your home hot this Autumn. Incorporate bold graphics in softer colours like bone, pale rose and ice blue with ‘touch me’ fabrics and textures like chunky knits and strong linens. Metallics and ceramics will come together, particularly linear rose gold shapes, mirrored glass and patterned blue and white ceramics.

Get inspired online
If you have trouble visualising what you want for your space, start pinning! Pinterest, a website you can use like an online pinboard, is a great way of recording the rooms, features and furnishings you like. Home and lifestyle blogs and online stores also provide up to date creative inspiration. Check out,, and