Three reasons property investors should use a Mortgage Adviser

When it comes to property investment, your decisions should be based on logic and potential financial returns. That’s why it can be so beneficial to work with a mortgage adviser - they can guide you through the ever-changing lending market to make sure you have a loan product that will maximise your investment.

Whether you’re an aspiring investor or seasoned buyer, if you’re considering a new property investment purchase, here are three reasons why you should work with an Adviser

The right structure.

Smart property investment is all about structuring your finances properly. And with so many different ways to structure a loan package, a mortgage adviser can guide you through all the options.

For example: if you already have a residential loan, you might be able to look at restructuring it to incorporate your investment purchase.

A strong network.

Mortgage advisers have strong referral networks to provide you with a holistic service. They’ll be able to refer you to trusted accountants, solicitors and property managers so that you are supported at every stage of your investment journey.

More choice.

Mortgage Advisers can shop around for the most competitive loan packages. They have access to a panel of major banks and speciality lenders which means they can find the most suitable options on the market today.

Investors who already own properties usually have a reasonable level of existing debt. An Adviser can negotiate on your behalf and find you the lowest interest rates among a large group of lenders.

Having the guidance of an expert can make all the difference in turning your investment goals into reality.