Tips for making your home Christmasy without the clutter

Christmas is contagious and bringing the holiday feel into your home and garden is a great way to get caught up in the festivities. Here are some tips for making your home Christmasy without the clutter.

Pick a colourful theme

Do you prefer traditional (green and red), coastal (white and natural tones) or modern (metallic with splash of bling)? Whatever your preference, by keeping it consistent you can make a greater impact with less. Consider switching your everyday homewares, such as cushions, candles and flowers, with items in your colour scheme to add to the festive feel, without creating clutter.

Quality not quantity

Buy a few quality decorations each Christmas so they can be enjoyed over the years. It’s a nice tradition that will help create memories and also save you money and avoid waste.

Additionally, consider the efficiency of the Christmas lights you purchase. Good quality LED fairy lights use eight times less power than standard ones and will last just as long, if not longer. You can even buy solar powered LED lights for outdoors.

Smells like Christmas

Introducing yummy smells into your home at Christmas time can bring the festivities to a whole new level without taking up too much space. Cinnamon, ginger or vanilla candles are a great option but you can get crafty with it too. Combine dried orange peel and flowers, cinnamon sticks, vanilla and star anise into small jars, place around your home and enjoy.

Oh the weather outside is… delightful

We’re lucky to have Christmas in summer so be sure to also set up your outdoor space and enjoy the weather throughout the party season. Stringing fairy lights creates a magical feel just on its own but you can also hang baubles from trees and use lanterns along paths and on tables.

Introducing some red flowering plants such as Geraniums or Christmas Cactus can add beautiful pops of festive colour and Rosemary gives a fragrant Christmasy feel too.

Homemade happiness

Craft stores and various online sites have a range of Christmas decorations you can make by yourself, here are a few simple, space-conscious ones we love here at Loan Market:

Christmas wreath

Buy a styrofoam wreath and use a hot glue gun to stick on Christmas baubles or coloured ribbons then hang it on your front door.


Use gold or silver glitter to decorate pine cones – these are so simple and have a huge impact when placed in a bowl and used as a table centerpiece.

Paint patterns onto glass jars with glitter or metallic paint to use as candle holders or fill with plastic berries and holly.