Want to transfer money overseas? I can help.

Let's face it, transferring money in another currency is a pain and something that most of us have no idea about. That is why Loan Market has partnered with not just any old international transfer service, but one that is used by more than 300+ million people a year. XE Money Transfer can help with your personal and business international money transfers.

Here is what you need to know about the service:

  • XE Money Transfers are fee FREE
  • With no minimum or maximum transfer amounts XE can help you to send funds internationally
  • Opening an account online with XE Money Transfer is FREE and takes less than 5 minutes

XE Money Transfer exchange rates are better. See the proof.
When comparing XE Money Transfer exchange rate with three major retail banks for a $1,000,000 AUD/NZD transfer, highly competitive exchange rates and no fees meant an XE Money Transfer client would be NZD $37,000 - 48,100 better off than if they went with the other banks.

For more information about the XE money transfer service, please contact me, your Loan Market adviser today.