What happens in an annual review with your client?

Once settlement is done and dusted for a client, an adviser will reach out to the client for an annual review each year. The review is conducted to check that the loan that was originally set up for your client is still right for their current situation and is helping them meet their financial goals.

What does an adviser look for in a client’s annual review?

  • Has the lender changed the client’s interest rate?
  • Is the client’s interest rate still competitive?
  • Has the client’s situation, needs or requirements changed?
  • What are the client’s future plans such as starting a family, upgrading their home or buying an investment property?
  • Are the current loans features being used effectively?
  • Is the client going through any financial hardship?

An adviser doesn’t only look at your clients current loans but can also help them with:

  • Appropriate insurances to protect themselves, their family and their assets if something was to happen.
  • Car and personal loans.

Although an adviser will conduct a review of your client annually, an adviser is still on hand to help your client at any time. As always, the advice that is given to your client is obligation free, so if they prefer to stay with their current lender and loan that is no problem at all. If you have any questions about the process or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.